The best business ideas are right in front of you!

Featured article from the Del Mar Times by Angie Gange. Graduation is an exciting time for students as they transition into their next journey – college, grad school and their first jobs. And, this is an exciting time for their parents and families and friends. It is a thrill for me to watch these young adults move from childhood to adulthood. I simply love seeing the numerous cap and gown pictures on social media. On May 10, my middle son graduated from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He represents the second generation of our family to graduate from USC. Both myself and his dad are USC alums, too. As I looked around at the hundreds of graduating USC students, I began to reflect on my own time on campus. What I remember most strongly from my entrepreneurial business education was a professor in my program. I still can envision him standing at the front of the class, sharing his experiences and offering guidance. “The best business ideas are right in front of people’s faces,” he said during one particularly poignant lecture. He raised his hands and walked across the room. “But most people don’t see them.” I […]

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Saying No to Overbooking the Holidays is Saying Yes to Yourself

We are two-and-a-half months away from the end of the year—if that number doesn’t scare you, think about this: we have fewer than 75 days left of 2016. The progression toward the holiday season and the end-of-year countdown seems to get earlier each year; stores are marketing the holidays as early as October. It would be easy to ignore these factors, yet there are social pressures to already start thinking about dates—do you want to go away for the end of the year, or spend the holidays with family? Does your family want you to host? Are there work-related expectations? Life is already moving at the speed of “too fast” for most of us: There are work deadlines, but there is also pressure to save for gifts or holiday parties, and plenty of hidden expenditures during this time of year. Working moms especially face so many pressures. If kids are in sports, there are games and maybe playoffs on the schedule; if your student is in high school, this is the season of college applications and SATs, which means it’s the season of comforting your stressed teen as they worry that their entire future hinges on a few hours of […]

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Moms Making Six Figures encourages a lifestyle of balance

Nearly eight years ago, Heidi Bartolotta was finding it was an ongoing challenge trying to juggle full-time employment while caring for her two daughters. As a result, the former pharmaceutical sales representative and two other women decided to establish a company in 2009 that would provide financial stability and offer the ability to spend more time with their families. The result was San Diego-based business Moms Making Six Figures. It has now grown to include more than 500 parents in similar situations; 150 of them are in San Diego. “We essentially take women who come from other backgrounds and we mentor them on how to have success here,” said Bartolotta, a resident of the Del Sur area in San Diego. ”It’s very different than what many of the women have done in the past but it provides a lot of freedom.” Those who are part of Moms Making Six Figures work as marketing representatives for a U.S.-based manufacturer of more than 500 consumer products sold online. Bartolotta said the high-quality wellness items are a great value and include healthy snacks, nutritional goods and safer cleaning products. In addition to educating family, friends and others in the community about the products, […]

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Why Working Moms Need Mentors

According to Beyoncé, women run the world. While you might think this is an exaggeration or merely aspirational, a recent study from the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that companies are more profitable when more women take on leadership roles within the company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that of all women in this country with children under the age of 18 years old, 69.9% were working or actively looking for work. While the Peterson study is promising, here’s another statistic: only 14% of the top corporate leadership positions of companies in the S&P 500 are held by women. The number of those women who are mothers is even smaller. And women in positions of power have a harder time managing their time and priorities when they are mothers. Sometimes, these moms receive pressure from onlookers, who can accuse them of working too much or not enough. The one truth is that circumstances are different for every woman, and working moms have to decide how much work and what kind is right for them and for their families. But this is easier said than done. What women need to navigate this difficult work/motherhood balance are mentors. Because what […]

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Jennifer Becker and MM6F Featured in 92127 Magazine

Change. It’s hard, but worth it. Sometimes it’s hard to admit we need to make a change. My story is probably one many moms can relate to. My husband and I struggled to conceive for years, so to fill the void, I decided I would put all of my time and energy into climbing the corporate ladder. Along the way, we finally welcomed our first child. By that point, I had put so much into my career that I was convinced I could do both – be a super mom and a powerhouse businesswoman. At age 30, I was running an international supply chain organization and gave birth to our second daughter. This time it was a little different: not just caring for two children, but our second daughter was born with significant health issues. I was torn between a career I loved and a child who needed me more. Naturally, my priority was tending to my daughter’s medical needs, so I stepped out of the corporate world for nine months. During those nine months, she made great strides, and just as I was starting to contemplate what was next for me, a job offer fell in my lap. I […]

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Kara Lynch Guthrie and MM6F Featured in 92127 Magazine

Growing up in San Diego, I was raised in a family of athletes. My dad had a stint in the NFL, my brothers played in the NFL and MLB, and my mom is an avid golfer. Me, I grew up playing competitive soccer. I love the teamwork, leadership, and competition of sports; it’s in my blood. In college, it was my dream to become a TV anchor but there was something about having to leave San Diego and relocate to a very small town that was not so intriguing. I majored in Communications at USC and was introduced to an opportunity to minor in Sports Journalism. Post-college, I dove into the media industry and ultimately ended up working with the NFL and MLB among other media outlets. Twenty-one years into a successful career, things changed. In what seemed just a blink of an eye, my sons were six and eight and I realized how much of their lives I had missed. So, seven years ago, I took almost a year to evaluate my life and focus on my “little athletes.” That time confirmed what I had suspected; I needed them just as much as they needed me. Knowing that my […]

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