arielI am a military spouse. My husband has been a naval aviator for 17 years. This lifestyle comes with lots of adventures and does not allow you the opportunity to fear change. So, when my husband and I decided it was time for us to start a family we came to the conclusion that the best way to provide a stable home life for our children was for me to stay at home with them full time. This was a BIG change for me, but I quickly realized it was the only option available. We move, on average, every 26 months. This, coupled with the fact that my husbands duties call him away from home most of the time means that I have learned to fill the role of both Mom and Dad. I not only cook and clean, but also take out the trash, do the yard work, and coach soccer. We now have 2 sons, and it is even more important to us that as they continue to grow they have a stable and loving foundation that helps them weather the separations and frequent relocations.

My professional background is in corporate retail. I studied textiles at The University of Texas at Austin, and went on to have a career as a buyer and corporate trainer for 2 different luxury retailers. I enjoyed my professional life, and missed it terribly when I began staying home with our children. But, like most of us, I fell in love with my munchkins and was not willing to give up my time with my children in order to re-enter the corporate world and to take on the hours that were required. When I found Moms Making Six Figures I immediately recognized that this was an opportunity for me to have my cake and eat it too. Moms Making Six Figures allows me the flexibility to build my work schedule around my families needs and to build a business that I can take with me anywhere we move. Finding Moms Making Six Figures has blessed me both personally and professionally. I am building a business and friendships that will last a lifetime.