chandi-family - mmsfI have worked in the Human Resources field for over 10 years. I have worked hard throughout my career and eventually found myself as the Director of Human Resources for a prominent technology company in my 30’s. I was making a significant six figure income and I was able to live the lifestyle that it afforded, including international travel. I loved my job but I had no peace. As time went on I became chained to my career. It ruled me. I had no life. My phone was with me everywhere I went. When I decided to start my family this working dynamic became even more pronounced. My two boys were growing up without me and I was missing the milestones that no mother should have to choose to miss. I had no balance. In 2012 I was faced with some life changing decisions that left me a single parent that chose to leave my demanding job, take a pay cut and move closer to my family for support so I could find the peace and balance I desired.

However the lifestyle my boys and I lived required a six figure income and I wasn’t sure how to do that and still maintain the work life balance that allowed me to see them grow up and afforded me peace. When I was introduced to Mom’s Making Six Figures it was literally an answer to prayer and continues to be today. I love that I have the ability to create the life I want with the income I need for me and my boys. As my business continues to grow and I have the opportunity to help other women just like me I realize every day that I am blessed and I thank God for bringing this business into my life.