Erika Sabo

Erika Sabo pic

I used to work in the corporate world creating online training modules for a local manufacturing company. I loved what I did! In 2006 I had my first baby and decided to become a stay at home mom. In the next 8 years, my family grew and I had 5 children. I was a BUSY stay at home mother, raising my little ones.

My children also had severe asthma issues. In December of 2014, my daughter was hospitalized for multiple days due to her respiratory problems. My friend Linda had approached me to check out an online wellness company in hopes that by removing chemicals from my home, my kids would become healthier. I decided to open my mind and fell in love with the company! It was then I was intrigued by the business side and I partnered with Moms Making Six Figures.

I grew very quickly in my first 5 months and my passion is helping others. MMSF has changed my life in such a positive way. I missed working, but leaving my children as not an option. I am now able to work from home on my terms and enjoy my family.