erinIsn’t life amazing! You just never know where each decision and turn will lead you and I am so thankful that my life has brought me to the Mom’s Making Six Figures team. I am a blessed mother to 4 daughters and so thankful to be building a business that allows me the flexibility to be at every event and yet has the ability to provide me not just security now, but financial freedom and security for our future.

I have both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Social Work and specialized for many years in the field of Medical Social Work, with an emphasis in Emergency Room and Trauma Social Work. After having my first daughter 11 years ago, I simply could not work night shifts anymore. However, I felt that even working day shifts kept me away from her too much. With each additional daughter, I was able to work less and less, yet my income was needed more and more. Thus, the joy that came with each child was accompanied by an increase in the financial “squeeze” felt by our family.

Seven years ago, we lost our 2nd daughter, Sarah, in a drowning accident. Understandably, this tragedy forever changed all of our lives. I now hold onto my girls so tightly, not wanting to miss a moment of their precious lives and my life passion has become teaching survival swimming to infants and children. While my new passion provided professional flexibility with regard to my time, its seasonal nature precludes me from achieving the financial stability that our family needs. The Mom’s Making Six Figures team is amazing and is helping me bridge that financial gap and eliminate the “squeeze.” The support, guidance and camaraderie have given me all the tools I need to have a home based business that allows me to be the Mom I want to be.