I was fortunate to have a successful ten year career in the pharmaceutical industry. However, over the span of my career, I began to see the pressures and challenges that the industry was facing.

Major limitations were pushed down on what we could say, what we could do, and managed care restrictions began to play a major role in physicians’ offices. In addition to the imposed restrictions on my position, there was a huge downsizing trend in the industry. The pharmaceutical industry was feeling the pressure and layoffs became routine. The sense of security that I had been building over the last decade had vanished. With the next round of layoffs approaching, I knew it was time to begin evaluating options outside of the industry. Over the last few years, not only had the industry changed, but I had changed as well. I now had a family to consider and an income that I would need to replace.

I found my new home when I became part of the Moms Making Six Figures team. Partnering with this group has allowed me to regain control of my own destiny. No longer am I at risk of being downsized or replaced. I am building a business that provides stability and certainty. Becoming a part of this team has allowed me to continue to provide that stream of income while allowing me to set my own goals and schedule my own hours. I feel fortunate to be involved with a team of so many phenomenal women that are willing to work hard, while demanding the flexibility required to be there for our families.