Janice photoI am blessed to have a career that I love. As a doctor of physical therapy, I get to help people of all ages return to their lives after injury. I also get to share my passion by teaching at a physical and occupational therapy graduate program and help mold students to become skilled, compassionate therapists. As long as I can remember, I have been driven to work, be an independent woman and make a difference in life. Ten years ago, the thought of not working outside the home was the furthest from my mind. But then I had my two kids. I now find myself longing to be at every school field trip, volunteer in their classrooms and be home to pick them up from school.

Moms Making Six Figures has helped make my dreams of working from home, yet still contribute to the family’s income, a definite reality. This company has allowed me the flexibility to work part-time both in and out of the home, giving me more with my family. As my children grow older, I look forward to earning an income that will allow me to work when I want to, not because I need to. The amazing diversity of business partners I now work with, combined with their encouragement and support, inspire me to work towards my goals and reinforces that this company is the right choice to make my dreams a reality.