Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor and did everything necessary to get there. I put myself through college, got a degree in Microbiology, and was on my way to medical school when life had other plans. I met and married a wonderful man, joined the ranks of Corporate America, and had our son a few years later. Leaving my corporate job to stay home with him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, yet a part of me still yearned to help others. I researched different programs, such as physician assistant or nurse practitioner, but realized that if I went down that path I would never have control over my time. True work/life balance just didn’t seem to exist, at least not until I was introduced to Moms Making Six Figures ~ where I have found a way to put family first and help others, all while making a great income.

We are now in the process of growing our family through international adoption, and time flexibility needed for travel, bonding, therapies, and doctor appointments is at an all-time high. This would absolutely not be possible with a corporate job, so I am incredibly grateful to have been introduced to this amazing team.