Kara Horat


My name is Kara Horat. I have been a real estate broker and business owner in San Diego for many years, along with my business partner and husband, Larry. Larry and I had worked hard in our real estate practice for many years to achieve what we thought was stability and financial security. While we weren’t naïve enough to think that the real estate market wouldn’t cycle down, we did not anticipate that the “global meltdown” that began several years ago would be so severe or long in duration. Like many business owners, our business was hit hard by the economy. While we continued to help clients with their real estate transactions, Larry and I realized that the landscape of the real estate market in Southern California had changed tremendously. We found (and still find) ourselves working much harder and longer yet making less income than before. This lead us to conclude that it was the perfect time to try something different – but what? Whatever this “something” was would have to not only generate enough income to justify any time spent, but it would have to provide Larry and I the flexibility to be there for our daughter, Holli. We were simply determined not to resort to traditional part-time jobs that would prevent me from being able to accompany Holli on field trips and to attend other school functions.

As I began my search, I thought of a good friend of mine, Heidi, who had started a business helping moms a couple of years earlier. While we kept in touch, Heidi and I were both busy moms and businesswomen so I really didn’t know much about her business. Since I’m not someone who normally embraces change and I am definitely not the type of person to jump into something, I had many questions for Heidi. If I’m being honest, before we met for coffee to discuss her business, I was skeptical that her business could generate the kind of income that I needed to earn in order to “fill the gap” created by the economic down-turn in our real estate business. Again, without know anything about her business, I had assumed Heidi was probably making at most a few hundred dollars per month. Well, I’m glad I was open minded enough to meet with Heidi because I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the income potential far exceeded my expectations. So, for the good of my family and trusting my friend, I got started with “Moms Making Six Figures.”

After about a year and a half of some good old-fashioned hard work, with the support of Heidi, the Moms Making Six Figures Team and my husband, I have transformed my family’s income and our lives! I am earning a significant income and have flexibility so that I can still be there for Holli. I also get to work with some incredible women and get to help others achieve their goals, too! I am on my way to earning a monthly income that I never imagined could compare to my real estate practice, pre-meltdown. In fact, my earnings this year with “Moms Making Six Figures” should surpass our real estate earnings by a wide margin. All I can say is that the word “grateful” is what comes to mind when I think of Heidi’s help and guidance in this endeavor. I love that I can take what I’ve learned from her and help other moms have what we both now have; flexibility to be there for our families, an amazing group of women to work with, and a pretty great income, too!