KarrieWe are like most families these days – to provide a comfortable living, we depend on two incomes. My husband and I both worked many hours outside of the home. I found myself working a job that I didn’t enjoy, nor was I was I passionate about – it was simply an income to pay the bills.

My 3 young children were left with a nanny and I was away from the home for 50+ hours a week. In late 2012 my family received devastating news that my husband had a rare form of aggressive colon cancer. After surgery and treatments we are blessed that he is now cancer free. Living through such a terrifying ordeal made me reevaluate our situation, we were no longer going to take life and time with our children for granted. It was time for a change, a change that would allow me to be an available mom and wife.

I was skeptical, there are so many opportunities out there and most of the things my husband and I looked into offered false hopes and dreams with very little income potential… that was until I decided to partner with Moms Making Six Figures. We are an active family that loves the outdoors, we eat well, and keep an active lifestyle. I am able to take the things I am passionate about, such as eating well and staying fit and apply them here at Moms Making Six Figures while still earning a corporate style income. It’s no longer just a JOB for me, it’s a career I can feel good about and I am able to help other moms do the same. I found balance I never dreamed of and I am able work around my family’s schedule. I feel incredibly blessed that I took a leap of faith and joined this amazing team of women from all walks of life.