Some people may find this hard to believe but I love to work. It has always been in my genes to work hard and often go beyond what was required of my job.

I set my career goals high and put a plan in motion to have a rewarding career. While working full-time leading a large customer service and sales team for a large Internet retailer, I earned a Master’s Degree at University of San Diego. Everything I had been working towards with my career was paying off. I transitioned into a position that leveraged my degree and my strengths as well as afforded me the opportunity to work closely with the executive management team. I was making well over six figures and situated perfectly to continue to advance into executive leadership. But after having two kids, and trying to balance the demands of a fast-paced job and the desire to be a balanced, loving mom, I found myself torn. For over a year and half I searched for something that would allow me to do both. I was convinced it did not exist but something had to change I was exhausted. Luckily, the world has it way of presenting things to you when you need it most. With Mom’s Making Six Figures, I have been given the flexibility to put my family first and still fulfill my need to excel in the working world as well. Now I can work hard, but on my terms.