Lauren Nash

After graduating university I started my career in Human Resources. Climbing the corporate ladder was right up my alley, until I became a mother. My transition into motherhood changed me in the most wonderful way, however, I realized quickly that the work life I had built was not going to pause for the special moments I now wanted and needed with my son. The once desired career was now a burden that I was beginning to resent for keeping me from being the mom I wanted to be.

My husband saw the stress I was under and we made the decision for our family to sacrifice my corporate income so that I could stay home with our then six month old. I began looking for opportunities to earn supplemental income from home so that I could still contribute financially, but nothing I found was sustainable and they all required a lot of financial investment to get started, and then monthly minimums to simply see a paycheck. Then, I met Dana Wikoff, a fellow mentor with Moms Making Six Figures, and through our friendship she showed me there was a better way. It was truly a light in the dark for me after my previous “work from home” experiences, and it continues to be. I have found my “home” and the career I wanted with a wonderful group of goal oriented women that value life balance and helping others achieve the same.