Going back to Corporate America was not an option for me after finding out that my 16 month old son was diagnosed with Autism. Between endless therapies and doctors appointments, I seemed to have a full time job just managing my son’s very special needs.

My husband and I are now at that age where all our friends are starting to send their kids off to college and are feeling the ‘pinch’ of that extra expense of tuition. In our reality we have been experiencing those expenses over the past twelve years just trying to help our boy be the best he can be. It hasn’t been easy and although two incomes would have helped tremendously, we had no choice, but for me to be a stay at home mom.

Our son, Luke, is now 14 years old and we know now that he won’t ever be going off to college, but he will remain living with us for the rest of our lives. We thought at this point we would be close to retirement, but with the cost of living with a special needs child, my husband’s dream to retire after 30 years with Corporate America is no longer a reality. We always thought we would downsize and maybe invest in some income properties or run a small business, so we could provide for Luke’s lifelong needs.

My sister Cindy introduced me to the Mom’s Making Six Figures team and I was immediately impressed with the flexibility and income potential for her. But when she closed down her business to work with the Mom’s Making Six Figures Team full time, my wheels started turning. Could I actually start a business part time to help my husband with his dream to be able to retire one day and still take care of a very special needs child for the rest of our lives? Not only has this offered me the flexibility I needed, but I can now see the income potential is truly a reality. This is a real business, that can generate a real life long residual income. It is exciting and rewarding work and it has been a huge blessing in our lives.