Lora O’Byrne

Moms-Bio.Lora-O'Bryne-1080x720In March of 2012, my first son was born, and I found a love inside of me that I never knew existed. I had always pictured myself being a career mom, but the thought of leaving him broke my heart. I was really struggling with going back to teaching or staying home to raise my son. I wanted to stay home and watch him grow, but I also felt like I needed to be working so that I could financially help my family out. Plus, I loved teaching! It truly was a passion of mine. Ultimately, I decided to go back to work and put my son in homecare. I kept telling myself how lucky I was to have holidays and summers off. I thought the struggle of leaving him every day would get easier, but it never did.

After one semester, my husband I and decided that it was best for our family if I just stayed home. I have never regretted the decision to stay home, but I constantly struggled with feeling like I needed to help out financially. I tried having my own accessory business and a MLM company. Each one was great, and I enjoyed them, but I never felt like it was worth the time and effort I was putting in them.

Partnering with Moms Making Six Figures has truly been a blessing not only for me, but for my family. I love that I’m able to have a professional-type income, and still have a flexible schedule to spend time with the ones I love. I also get to help other women accomplish the same thing so it’s very rewarding. Not only am I building a business, but I’m making friendships that will last a very long time, so for that I’m very grateful!