Lyndie actually caught me by surprise. At the time I was introduced to the team we had been living in San Diego for the past 5 years and were getting ready to make the move back home to Europe to be closer to our families in the UK and Portugal.

Needless to say I wasn’t exactly looking to start a business right at that moment but what I found was an amazing opportunity to build the foundations of a business in the U.S – enabling me to maintain and even strengthen my connections there – and then continue to build both in the U.S and in Europe, once living back in the UK. An international business woman! I was incredibly intrigued from the start because my husband had moved often with his own executive career for most of his adult life and so here was something that could potentially allow me to build something of my own that could continue to move with us, if that were to happen.

In addition, as a mum to two little ones – our youngest still only 2 at the time – I was able to start building my business very part time, especially while transitioning with the move but then have with the opportunity to start adding more hours as they both entered school full time – which they are now about to do. Time passes so quickly – I am so grateful to have been able to have made the most of this precious time, while also to have started contributing financially again and I’m so excited for what lies ahead.