I have worked as a clinical Dietitian for 10+ years, with a bachelors in Foods and Nutrition from San Diego State University. Over the years I have been able to slowly decrease my hospital hours as I have had children. As a mom of three small kids, I had been fortunate enough to pick and choose my hours and work when I want. Well…we all know life doesn’t always go as we have planned, and recently I have become a single mom who needs to work enough to make my ends meet. Although being a Dietitian is a great education and career to have, it doesn’t provide the income that I need or the flexibility that I want to maintain with my kids. Finding this business has been a great fit for me as I know that I am still focused on helping people lead healthier lives! Starting my own business is also allowing me to create my own schedule and continue to be a part of my kids’ day to day lives that is so important! Not only that, but it is enabling me to exceed the income potential that I had if I were to continue working away from home. I truly feel like I have been given the opportunity to blend a fulfilling career and home life.