In the early spring of 2018, I was offered my dream job. I had worked for almost 14 years as a Senior Director running graduate business programs for the University of San Diego. What I loved most about that job was designing programs for and counseling those leaving active duty military service and wanting to do something completely different in the private sector. As the wife of a 25-year Naval officer, I was passionate about working alongside those who had served our country so selflessly to help them begin the next chapter of their lives.

So, when I was offered the role as CEO for zero8hundred – a San Diego-based non-profit that assists military servicemembers, and their spouses, with every aspect of their transition from active duty service to civilian life – I couldn’t have been more thrilled! While running a non-profit is incredibly time-consuming, being the organizational leader allows me to set the culture for my team and for me that is all about balance. Since my most treasured role is being the mom to an almost teenage boy, making it to his basketball and lacrosse games and coaching his school science fair team are critical opportunities for us to connect and fill me up with the joy of motherhood while still maintaining the sense of accomplishment I enjoy through my career.

The decision to join Moms Making Six Figures was fueled by my unquenchable desire to help others. I just couldn’t stop sharing all the remarkable benefits the products provided me and my family. I also saw so clearly how this business could be the answer for so many other military moms’ who wanted to help provide for their family financially, but still be able to hold down the home-front while their husbands served our country. Getting the chance to guide and mentor fellow entrepreneurial military spouses and veterans is just another way to keep creating even bigger and bigger dreams.