Tamara LucasMy passion in life has always been helping others. I have always loved working and my job has always been a major part of my identity. Throughout my twenties I worked in the education and social work field. I worked with troubled teens and then, after receiving my Master’s degree in Social Work I taught in special education elementary classrooms. While I absolutely loved working with these kids and their families, the hours and low pay soon began to wear on me. I eventually was presented with an opportunity in food and wine distribution sales and I jumped at the opportunity to try something new. While I didn’t consider myself a “salesy” person, I excelled and began to climb into better positions and territories. I truly didn’t feel like I was selling anything, I was fortunate enough to represent some amazing wines that I believed in and I just wanted to share with my accounts. My enthusiasm and passion translated to sales and I loved the financial and lifestyle benefits. There was enough flexibility that I could spend some time with my two kids in the mornings and I was making enough money to do the things we enjoyed as a family.

Nearly fifteen years later, the family owned distribution company I worked for got purchased by a larger corporate entity. As it normally goes in these sorts of buy outs, changes started happening and I began to feel despair at the direction the company was going and didn’t feel that I had any viable options. The corporate way of life did not fit my personality and I was starting to feel desperate for a way out. My parents had started a small winery that I was very eager to be more involved with, however, they couldn’t pay me the salary I needed to support my family. I could not figure out a way to balance my goals and dreams with my financial needs. Then a friend introduced me to Moms Making Six Figures. I suddenly had hope that I could find a way to help others, financially support myself and my two sons and be in control of my life.

After 1 ½ years of part time work with Moms Making Six Figures I was able to earn enough residual income to allow me to leave the corporate world, start working with my family’s business and find the balance that I so desperately wanted. I can help others, support my family and I have as much time as I like to see my boys grow up and share in their memories. I feel so blessed!