I am the mother of three amazing teenagers! I know that may surprise you…not that I have teenagers, but that I would describe them as amazing! Here’s the thing…I want them to stay that way. My husband and I have tried to instill in our kids strong values and it has been my job to be there to help guide and teach them. My husband has a very demanding job and works an ever-changing, hectic schedule. Last year, my husband worked 485 hours of overtime just so we could pay our bills. It became clear to me that I needed to start financially contributing to our household, however, we agreed that I needed to find something that wouldn’t undermine the solid foundation that we’d built for our family.

I was introduced to Moms Making Six Figures by my cousin, Angie, and it seemed like a perfect fit. Growing up together, Angie had always been a wonderful role model for me. So, just like when we were kids, I decided to follow suit and began building a business with Moms Making Six Figures with the support of Angie as my mentor.

What I love about Moms Making Six Figures is that I have been able to work around my kids’ busy after-school schedules; not missing a football, basketball or softball game, wrestling or track meet! I enjoy having a new found purpose to my days now that the kids aren’t little anymore. Moms Making Six Figures has far exceeded my expectations, as I now have the opportunity to flexibly earn a professional-type income while helping others reach their financial goals at the same time!