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Kara Lynch Guthrie and MM6F Featured in 92127 Magazine

Growing up in San Diego, I was raised in a family of athletes. My dad had a stint in the NFL, my brothers played in the NFL and MLB, and my mom is an avid golfer. Me, I grew up playing competitive soccer. I love the teamwork, leadership, and competition of sports; it’s in my blood. In college, it was my dream to become a TV anchor but there was something about having to leave San Diego and relocate to a very small town that was not so intriguing. I majored in Communications at USC and was introduced to an opportunity to minor in Sports Journalism. Post-college, I dove into the media industry and ultimately ended up working with the NFL and MLB among other media outlets.

Twenty-one years into a successful career, things changed. In what seemed just a blink of an eye, my sons were six and eight and I realized how much of their lives I had missed. So, seven years ago, I took almost a year to evaluate my life and focus on my “little athletes.” That time confirmed what I had suspected; I needed them just as much as they needed me. Knowing that my family needed my income but also that I couldn’t go back to a corporate job, I strived to find something that would allow me to balance my personal and professional lives.

Shortly after beginning my search, I had coffee with a long-time family friend, Heidi Bartolotta, who introduced me to Moms Making Six Figures. That was almost five years ago, and since then I have been able to design my new career around my sons’ very busy school and sports schedules. From picking them up from school every day and shuttling them off to practices and then back home, I have truly been able to be there for them. This is so important because soon I will blink again – and they will be off to college.

“Moms” is a marketing company that represents a U.S.-based manufacturer. Though based in San Diego, many of the 100-plus women who work with Moms live all over the United States. Of these women, about half work 25-plus hours per week. Their only qualifications are that they’re self-motivated, hard-working, and coachable.

Kara invites interested women to reach out through “Learn a little more about who we are and what we do. We would love to help bring you home too!”

Thank you to 92127 Magazine for featuring Kara Lynch Guthrie in this month’s issue!

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Dr. Barbara Ryan of Moms Making Six Figures Featured in 92127 Magazine

Thank you to 92127 Magazine for featuring Moms Making Six Figures partner, Dr. Barbara Ryan. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article, which you can read in full here.

Dr. Barbara Ryan, a surgeon of many years, chose to make a change in her career in 2010 for greater flexibility. “I enjoyed being a surgeon and caring for my patients immensely, however, the medical arena was changing and I simply didn’t have flexibility in my schedule that would allow me to balance my personal and professional lives; something many women struggle with,” said Barbara. “Also, my husband is in the military and has no control over where we get stationed, meaning everything I poured into building a surgical practice (time, energy, and money) could be wiped out with one phone call. Not only did I want more time to spend with my husband and also to care for my aging parents, I wanted to ensure that when I built up a substantial income it was portable, no matter where the military said we needed to be.”

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