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Manage Your Mind

Inspired by this week’s episode of the Moms Making Six Figures Podcast with Brooke Paulin who believes in the practice of managing your mind and the small daily habits that lead to great success over time.

 In a world where we are inundated with more information and more access to it than ever before, we are faced with new challenges like ‘consumer fatigue’, information overwhelm and digital burnout.  The media and social media industries are designed to be addictive in nature, releasing dopamine or cortisol dependent on the nature of the content, that keeps us coming back for more and ultimately conditions our behavior.  Information, and the way in which we access it is not the enemy, instead it is our passive consumption of that content that can wreak havoc, particularly when we are bombarded with negativity, click-bait headlines, and divisive rhetoric.  Just as we fuel our bodies and health with nutrition and exercise, we must manage our mind and the information we choose to fill it with.

With nearly 69% of adults and 81% of teens in the US using social media, it is time for us to become active participants in managing our minds, our mental states, and our mental health.  Here are a few small changes you can make to be better prepared and intentional with the information and inputs you choose.

Reality Check

We would never let our children sit for hours on end, absent-mindedly in front of screens and we shouldn’t allow it for ourselves either.  While it may not seem like you’re spending that much time on devices outside of necessity, your Weekly Activity Report likely shows something different.

Start by taking an inventory of the current time you spend consuming content intentionally vs. out of habit or boredom.  Once you have begun to inventory your passive or active consumption tendencies, track for a day (or longer) every piece of information you digest with a “+” if it is beneficial to your personal life, work life, or overall well being, a ”–“ if it negatively impacted or took away from your personal life, work life, or overall well being, and an “=” for no impact other than time lost.

Seeing our habits in black and white allows us to see where our own struggles actually exist.  It takes five positive interactions to offset each negative interaction; is it any wonder we are more anxious, depressed, and lonely than ever before?

Schedule (and plan) Your Screen time

Self-monitoring and scheduling your consumption habits can change not only your perception of the information you digest, but also, your behaviors.  In 2018 the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study that observed the behaviors of 143 undergraduates.  One group was asked to limit all social media activity to only 10 minutes per platform, per day, while the second was allowed to use their social media as usual for three weeks.   The group that limited their scrolling “showed significant reductions in loneliness and depression during those three weeks over the group that continued using social media.”

As Brooke pointed out in this week’s podcast, “I don’t think that some of the top CEO’s, and, you know, multi-million dollar female business owners … I don’t think that they’re scrolling through social media that’s not feeding their mind. There’s no room for that.”  What would you be able to accomplish in a week of limiting your scrolling habits?

Empty the Junk Folder

Once you’ve taken inventory of the information and input you’re allowing in, and you’ve refined your mindless scrolling by replacing it with intentionally scheduled time for content consumption, get rid of anything that isn’t serving you, your mental health, your professional life, or your personal life.

Once you’ve emptied the Junk Folder, take note from some of the most successful people and follow suit by replacing what wasn’t serving you with content that does.  According to research, what makes highly successful people less stressed, happier, and more productive is scheduling their personal priorities before tending to other people’s priorities.  That goes for what you’re consuming too.  Instead of starting your day by checking email, dedicate an hour of your morning hour to be your Power Hour where you replenish your motivation with podcasts, books and curated content that supports your goals, challenges you, and leaves you feeling ready to tackle the day.  Ask your mentors what they listen to, what they read, and who they follow on social media to begin refining your palate.

In order to be successful in managing our mind, our mental state and our mental health, we must be intentional about what we consume and prepare our daily activity and schedules with discernment.  Just as nutrition is fundamental to achieving our health and wellness goals, so is the information we consume.  We avoid pitfalls of hunger by meal planning and preparation, and we can avoid the pitfalls of media and social media by planning and being thoughtful consumers.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” –Alexander Graham Bell

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The Benefits of Believing in Something Bigger

Inspired by this week’s episode of the Moms Making Six Figures Podcast with Dr. Barbara Ryan who attributes her success, service of others, and belief in herself to her faith.

As parents, one of the first existential conversations we are asked to navigate by our children is the inevitable, “Where do babies come from?” shortly followed, or preceded by, “What (or who) is God?” ultimately leading to the teenage quandary, “What’s the point?” And, if we’re being honest, that last question drives many of our decisions as adults, the answer to why that guides our how. Without a why, a sense of purpose, or a belief in something bigger than ourselves, life can be practically unbearable.  Dr. Viktor Frankl, a famous psychiatrist, author and holocaust survivor describes the magnitude of belief as essential to enduring life’s hardships and traumas, “He who has a why can bear any how.”

Risk Tolerance

According to a scientific study conducted in the Netherlands, a belief in God, or a higher power,  “gives entrepreneurs a greater tolerance for positive risks.”  When we have faith in God, in the universe, or in humanity as a whole, we believe someone or something has our back when we struggle to believe in ourselves.

Passion and Vision

Belief in a higher power gives you confidence through the assurance of your own worth.  Being grounded in your identity and your ability to benefit others positively enables you to more clearly and passionately communicate and sell your vision to those around you.  Faith emboldens us to persevere.

The Happiness Quotient + Secret Sauce to Success

According to Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook founder and venture capitalist, in his commencement address to Harvard graduates, “purpose is what creates true happiness.” “Purpose is the sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for.” Research supports his assertions; people who are purpose driven:

Purpose is an Assurance

When we believe in something greater than ourselves, and that we are needed, our life, our work, our daily decisions become meaningful.  Humans, by design, are meant to fulfill their basic needs, but once those needs are met, purpose is necessary to avoid debilitating depression, a perceived sense of burdensomeness, and ever more prevalent loneliness.  Frontline humanitarian, Linda Cruse, says we always have a choice to serve others and recounts her why that has served her throughout her efforts, “When I was 18, in nurse training, my Matron said to me: ‘It’s not about you. It’s about what you’re here to do…to be of service and [to] help others.’”

Our children are filled with wonder and an uncanny ability to ‘call it as they see it’.  It may be time for us to tune-out the world’s noise and tune-in to our own childlike wondering.  Without belief in something greater than ourselves, faith in God, the universe, or humanity, without purpose, we run the risk of living in a state of apathy, simply going through the motions.  What is your purpose, what is your why, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

social media marketing

Entrepreneurship 101: The Value in Social Media Marketing

Have you noticed all the ads that pop up as you scroll through your social media these days? That’s because social media marketing is now big business.

Gone are the days of ads appearing solely on traditional media channels such as TV or radio. Now, social media marketing rules—and has opened up a valuable channel for reaching potential clients and customers.

To put it in perspective, let’s consider Facebook. According to Hubspot, there are 1.13 billion daily active users on Facebook. Now imagine if your social media marketing goal was to reach just 0.5% of that market—that’s 5.65 million people a day that would see your ad! And that’s just on Facebook alone.

But, how can you use social media interactions to inform your business decisions? And what type of social media marketing will help you reach your target audience and boost website traffic?

Check out my tips for leveraging social media marketing to your advantage!

Social Media Gives You Insight into Your Customers 

Every like, re-tweet, comment, and share on your social media accounts generates a wealth of real-time information about your customers—and your competitors.

Who your customers are, what they like, what they think about a particular product, and what they’re looking for in future products are just some of the data you can generate from social media interactions. Monitoring your competitors’ social media strategy also allows you to stay updated on what they’re doing and adjust accordingly.

Ultimately, the more you engage with your customers through social media, the more data you’ll generate to help guide your business decisions.

Social Media Lets You Target Your Customers

Time is money. The faster you share information with your target audience, the better.

Social media marketing allows you to run targeted ads that generate customer interest quickly.

You can filter your ad campaign by audience location, interests, age, gender, and other factors, ensuring that you get the most out of your advertising efforts. Instead of wasting time and money on widespread, broadly applicable advertising, you’ll be able to selectively target your customers and market directly to them.

Social media posts and ads will direct people right to your website, driving traffic and encouraging business. Plus, the more shares you receive on social media, the higher you’ll rank on all-important Google searches.

4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Social Media Marketing

1. Set Your Social Media Goals

Before starting your social media marketing efforts, identify what you’d like to accomplish with your campaign. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you choose the best social media platform for your needs and help you adjust accordingly if you aren’t getting the results you’d like.

Keep in mind that your social media marketing goals should be in line with your overall business objectives. This will ensure that your activity on social media is driving your business forward—not hindering it.

2. Create the Appropriate Social Media Accounts

Based on your goals, choose the best social media platform for your needs. Different platforms reach different target audiences, so make sure to do your research, identify the best platform for your customers, and focus your attention there.

If you already have existing social media accounts, put in the effort to constantly improve and update your pages to enhance customer experience. Don’t let the content on your account get stale or your audience may lose interest. And be sure to cross-promote across all your social media accounts in order to reach more potential customers!

3. Listen to Your Target Audience 

As I mentioned before, social media helps you get familiar with your target audience—who they are and what they want.

Engaging with your audience will often involve listening to what they have to say instead of forcing them to listen to your message. The more you listen to your customers through social media interactions, the better-equipped you’ll be to provide them with exactly what they need.

4. Specialize, Don’t Generalize

The world of social media is cluttered and busy, so don’t just contribute to the noise.

A focused social media strategy has a better chance of success than one that tries to appeal to everyone. Focus your efforts on building a strong brand identity that appeals to your target audience rather than having an average brand that appeals to the masses.

Social Media Marketing: It’s Here to Stay

When done right, social media marketing can help propel your business to success. The truth is, in today’s world, if you don’t have a social media presence, then you’re doing yourself and your business a serious disservice.

Effective social media marketing is not trivial—your content must be constantly updated and always engaging—but your efforts are likely to be rewarded with increased website traffic and business.

Social media marketing is here to stay, so use it to your advantage!


Friday Spotlight: Suzanne McCurdy, Diet Technician

Working has always been my passion. I get bored easily and need to stay busy. I began working at the age of 15 after begging my father for a job and literally hanging out at the motorcycle dealership I wanted to work at every day for a month. The owner finally decided to hire me since I wasn’t going anywhere. Never really knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up I sought out new career fields and avenues for making a living. Once I mastered one I found myself restless for something new.

In 2006 I was offered branch manager of the small town bank I worked and I immediately turned in my 2 weeks’ notice and went back to school. It was there I earned my B.S. in Dietetics and commissioned in the Air Force. It wasn’t until the birth of my first child that I realized how badly I wanted to work from home. Skip ahead to baby #2 and there was no other option. I knew I couldn’t just stay home, I needed to work for my finances and my overall wellbeing. I started my own clothing line, dabbled in MLM companies, but nothing seemed to fit just right.

Until I was introduced to Mom’s Making Six Figures by a friend. We had both been entrepreneurs and shared business ideas from time to time. The proverbial light bulb went off and I had found what I had been hoping and praying for to come along. I now wake up each morning filled with gratitude and excitement. In an every changing world this business evolves with me and leaves no room for boredom.

This opportunity has allowed me to work from home with my babies, make my own schedule, and take my business anywhere in the world we want to go. It is said you can have whatever you want in life as long as you help others achieve the same. And that is what this is all about.