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Friday Spotlight: Barbara Ryan, MD, Surgeon

I have been a practicing surgeon for almost 20 years, specializing in general and trauma surgery for the first half of my career, and reconstruction and plastics during the latter half.

Despite the fantastic surgeries, fantastic patients and fantastic income, my career left me absolutely no time.

The freedom that I thought came along with the money and prestige of being a successful surgeon simply wasn’t there.

In addition, the ever-increasing hours demanded of my time associated with paperwork and administrative duties, as well as the changing healthcare industry made me realize that things were only going to get worse.


I wanted to continue to help people, but I was tired of missing holiday festivities, family dinners, and really just never having quality time with my family.

I thank God for providing me the hope, courage and vehicle to make a change in my life. Not only have I been able to replace my surgeon’s income, but I am now working around my family life and it is so freeing!

I now travel to our huge family reunions in Illinois every Summer, take off for long weekend getaways with my husband, and enjoy relaxing dinners with my family. There’s just nothing better than finishing up dinner and then plopping down on the couch for popcorn and a movie with the ones you love. In short, I love my business partners and my life!


Friday Spotlight: Michele Martin, Finance

Michele graduated with a BA from UCSB and quickly started her ascent up the corporate ladder. She quickly moved from accounting to marketing to managing top client accounts and developing software solutions to manage her own sales and support team. For the last 14 years of her career she specialized in business process automation, project management, application development, training, and database management for one of the largest providers of commercial real estate financing solutions. As the Assistant VP of Information Technology, it was normal, and fun, to work 50+ hours a week, be tethered to a phone and solve anything at any time. Fun UNTIL, she became a mom. While she truly enjoyed working and contributing to the family financially, she needed flexibility to schedule completely around her children. In search of that flexibility, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start two businesses that demanded time and financial resources, but never delivered a decent return. After nearly 20 years in the corporate world it seemed impossible to replace a six figure income with the flexibility she so desperately desired.

The decision to join Moms Making Six Figures came after unplanned, life changing events happened in her life. Given her prior attempts to replace her six figure income she doubted this could deliver on the promise of flexibility and financial security. However, with hard work and consistency, she is happy to report that just a few years into this career change the income potential has become a reality. Thankful that she took that leap to try another career change, she now has the flexibility and income that seemed so elusive together. She still works hard, but but on her terms. Now she is there for school field trips, important school events, regular adventures with her kids, and she can even workout and enjoy life. She is proud of what she has accomplished these last few years, but credits working with a phenomenal team to achieve their ongoing goals together. It is that camaraderie where Michele finds her greatest joy being able to help, coach and mentor others transition focus from corporate back home to their families.

To contact Michele email her at


Dr. Barbara Ryan of Moms Making Six Figures Featured in 92127 Magazine

Thank you to 92127 Magazine for featuring Moms Making Six Figures partner, Dr. Barbara Ryan. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article, which you can read in full here.

Dr. Barbara Ryan, a surgeon of many years, chose to make a change in her career in 2010 for greater flexibility. “I enjoyed being a surgeon and caring for my patients immensely, however, the medical arena was changing and I simply didn’t have flexibility in my schedule that would allow me to balance my personal and professional lives; something many women struggle with,” said Barbara. “Also, my husband is in the military and has no control over where we get stationed, meaning everything I poured into building a surgical practice (time, energy, and money) could be wiped out with one phone call. Not only did I want more time to spend with my husband and also to care for my aging parents, I wanted to ensure that when I built up a substantial income it was portable, no matter where the military said we needed to be.”

Click here to read the entire article on 92127 Magazine’s website.