In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words

Jennifer Becker is a successful professional, wife, and mother of two. She is thriving both professionally and personally, having achieved that seemingly impossible goal that most women pursue, balance between family and career. Through joining she was able to replace her six-figure corporate salary within a year and be there for those important family moments.


Life Before Moms Making Six Figures

Growing up with two very hardworking parents who had multiple jobs, Jennifer inherited their same incessant drive, striving to provide her own family with a life of unlimited possibilities, free from financial stress. Married and in her early twenties, Jennifer and her husband Kurt had a plan: he would climb the corporate ladder, they would have kids, and she would stay home—raising them and maybe tapping into her entrepreneurial skills to eventually run a small business on the side. But, as is often the case, things didn’t go the way she and Kurt had planned; at least not immediately.

After struggling with infertility for years, rather than sink into depression, Jennifer decided to turn her attention to her career, thinking “Well, if this isn’t going to work and I’m not going to be a mom (which is what I always thought I was destined to be in life), then I’m going to work really hard and I’m going to be really good at my career.”


Fueled by misogynist comments she received in a male-dominated industry, she quickly ascended to a leadership position as the manager of an international supply chain, earning well over six figures by age 27. And of course, because life is chaotic and unpredictable, it was shortly after her biggest promotion that Jennifer and Kurt welcomed their first child, Kamryn (now 7 years old). So, they finally had been blessed with the child they always dreamed of but, with her very successful career, Jennifer felt constantly conflicted. “It really shook me,” she says looking back, “because I knew that my career would allow me to provide our child a lifestyle with endless possibilities, but I knew there would be a cost in time away from my daughter.” After much deliberation, Jennifer decided to continue to work.

Life was hectic. “Things were crazy…we called in the village, so to speak,” remembers Jennifer. With nannies and family support, she and Kurt both worked, bringing in six-figure salaries but lacking the time to enjoy them. Work–life balance was nonexistent. Two and a half years later surprise, their second daughter Jillian, their “little firecracker,” was born. Jillian was born with a rare medical condition and required a lot of attention, including physical therapy and frequent doctors’ appointments. With her daughter’s health as the main priority, Jennifer opted for a voluntary layoff and focused on Jillian for the first six months, consulting for a few clients to keep herself sharp. Once Jillian’s health stabilized, Jennifer went back to corporate. Within six months though, she realized that she hated it: “I just knew there had to be something better!” she says.

Taking Back Control

Confident in her talent, strengths, and education, Jennifer was determined to earn that six-figure salary outside of the corporate world. After hearing about Moms Making Six Figures from a friend and meeting one-on-one with founder Heidi Bartolotta, Jennifer joined the team in October 2013.

While getting started with Moms, she continued working full time for six months and then resigned, keeping one consulting client to give her a cushion to fall back on. But it wasn’t very long before that cushion wasn’t necessary—within a year, Jennifer had replaced her corporate income through her work with Moms. “So, I totally just resigned from supply chain and said, ‘This is gonna be it.’ And it’s been great!”


Living Life on Her Own Terms

Now Jennifer has the work-life balance so many only dream of. “I can always put my family first,” she shares. With her husband traveling 70% of the time for his job, her family has the flexibility to travel with him on occasion. Jennifer also has time to cook and eat meals with her family, and watch her daughters’ piano lessons and sports practices—things she could never do before.


When it comes to her new career, Jennifer loves seeing the confidence that working with the Moms team brings to women, saying “The thing I love most is watching other women gain confidence and eliminate the constant struggle with prioritizing family versus work, because I know what it feels like to be in that rat race and to just be going through the motions and not truly enjoying life.”

“I’ve NEVER experienced freedom like this and I had 15 years in the supply chain world. It was hard to walk away from a career I put my heart and soul and education into. What I realized when I joined Moms was that I’m still capitalizing on those same professional strengths and my education and everything I built in the corporate world; I’m just doing it differently,” she says emphatically.


Jennifer loves her life now, finding fulfillment being a work-at-home mom and spending more time with her daughters, who are learning a lot from her. She explains “Kamryn and Jillian are seeing what my hard work provides for our family. We set goals together and they get really engaged, asking me, ‘How close are we? What else do you need?’ For a seven-year-old, Kamryn really understands what I’m working to achieve and why; and they both understand the benefit for them.”

Jennifer’s Advice for Other Corporate Women

When asked what life feels like now, Jennifer responds, “I feel like I can breathe. I feel like I can just take that fresh breath of air every day and, ahh, it’s okay… it’s not crazy.”

Jennifer wants other women to experience the freedom she currently enjoys: “With hard work, your effort will truly be rewarded at Moms Making Six Figures. I feel like I’m really compensated for my hard work and effort here, like I’ve never been in the corporate world.”

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