For Moms: 7 Steps To Getting Back In Shape

For Moms: 7 Steps To Getting Back In Shape

Can’t find yourself in the mirror? I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and couldn’t see myself. I was hidden under years of “I’ll do it tomorrow,” “I need to get this done for the kids,” “I don’t have time.”

Something had to change, and it had to change fast. I wanted myself back. Having an amazing body and having children aren’t mutually exclusive. Yet, time and focus on myself was something I so easily let slide. That was about to change. In 30 days you can start to see the old you. The YOU that you know is hiding inside and is desperately ready to get back to the world.

Having that body in 30 days may sound too good to be true. And depending on where you are starting, you may not get 100 percent there. But if you stick to the following regime, you WILL see progress. How do I know? I did it!

So, here’s what I did to send those excuses and that stranger in the mirror packing and find me again.

1. Make Time

Your children are watching you. If you don’t take care of yourself, you are teaching them to do the same thing. When I started working out, my kids noticed. They love it; they encourage me and even join in. Just the other day, the kids challenged me to a planking contest! Put it in your calendar, like you would for anything else in your life.

2. Drink a ton of water

There are a lot of different guidelines for healthy water consumption out there. Regardless of which you chose, it’ll mean drastically increasing your water intake. You’ll find drinking water will have many benefits, including reducing your appetite, clearing your skin and aiding in recovery post workout.

3. Eliminate sugar

For 30 days you can do ANYTHING! Sugars and sugar alternatives are hidden everywhere. Get rid of the known ones in your diet and do your best to eliminate the hidden ones in your drinks and foods. The first 10 days are the worst, but don’t give up! You may even feel like you have come down with the flu. the symptoms will go away, too! It isn’t the flu, it is detox.

4. Work it

Add 30 to 45 minutes of exercise five to six days a week. Your level of fitness will increase, so don’t stress about where to begin. Just get started. I used at-home workout videos to get started. That way, I could push myself at my own level without the self-consciousness of a class environment. Incorporate both cardio and weight training. Weight training isn’t just for guys, and it isn’t going to bulk you up. Look for videos that incorporate hand held weights to start. I love planks and pushups to tone by abs and my arms.

5. Watch your drinkable calories

Many of us drink a lot of our calories. We may eat well all day, and then stunt progress with a latte and a few evening drinks. It’s easy to drink 1000+ calories in a day before you know it. Cut those out and you’ll notice a significant difference.

6. Increase Fiber

Fiber is an amazing anti-inflammatory and has tons of health benefits outside of digestive help.

Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber play different roles. Soluble fiber mixes with water to form a gel type substance and helps slow digestion. I recommend having extra before your largest meal to help you feel full, quelling the urge to overeat. This also helps the body absorb nutrients and has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol(the bad kind). You will find this type of fiber in nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, oats and barley.

Insoluble fiber helps your digestive system run more efficiently. Insoluble fiber is in vegetables, whole grains, legumes and wheat bran, but supplements can be a great option if you find a good source. Most store brands are not sufficient in soluble and insoluble fiber, so be sure to examine the label. You may need to work up to this, but I recommend getting over 30 grams of fiber a day.

7. Ensure you are getting enough protein

In addition to daily fuel, protein is critical to repairing your muscles post workout. Avoid the idea of cutting foods from your diet. You just need the right foods, and high-quality protein is exactly what you need to promote weight loss and increase lean muscle mass. Studies again vary on the amount but I would recommend between 60-90 grams.

Alright ladies, my last tip: Stand up taller, pull those shoulders back and spend an extra five minutes getting ready for the day.

Thirty days! You can do it! And while it feels good to receive looks of admiration for your efforts, that’s not the best part in the least. Have you noticed that when you are eating well and working out, you begin to feel different? You probably smile more, have a little more confidence and probably even adopt a more positive self-image. ALL things we want our kids to emulate.

At the end of the thirty day’s you just may start to recognize that woman in the mirror again, I did.

Have additional tips? Share in the comments below!

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