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Friday Spotlight: Kerri-Ann

Very early in my working career I had trained as a Beauty Therapist then moved into the corporate world after getting married to my amazing husband Gordon in 1993. I was traveling around NSW visiting the different hospitals for the NSW Area Health Services as an account manager for a large medical supplies company. After our son Christopher arrived I moved onto working in the child care industry to give me more time with him then began my role as Key Account Coordinator for one of the largest educational resource suppliers in Australia. This was when I contracted a virus and became ill with Fibromyalgia, a non-curable central nervous system disorder. Because of the chronic pain I was suffering I could no longer hold down a full time position which was heart breaking for me as I am a very hard worker and take pride in everything I do. I didn’t feel as though I was finished and knew I still had so much to offer others.

In 2015 Gordon, Christopher and I all went on the trip of a life time to America where I was introduced to Moms Making Six Figures through one of my childhood friends Kelly Birkel who now lives in San Diego. I was so impressed with what these women had achieved by working from home while being available for their children and thought this would work well for me with my illness. Being able to work while in the comfort of my own home and on my own schedule was very important to me.

I am now working with likeminded people with the help and encouragement of Heidi Bartolotta, Jennifer Becker and the team at Moms Making Six Figures. The financial freedom and ongoing residual income I am achieving for my family means my husband Gordon, a Painter and Decorator will not have to rely on hard physical work, hour by hour pay rates coming into our senior years. I am also building a secure financial future for our son Christopher by creating ongoing residual income.

I am so proud to work with such an honourable team of women whose passion for family and success is evident with all that they do. I am pleased to be able to offer the same opportunities to other mothers here in Australia.


Friday Spotlight: Barbara Ryan, MD, Surgeon

I have been a practicing surgeon for almost 20 years, specializing in general and trauma surgery for the first half of my career, and reconstruction and plastics during the latter half.

Despite the fantastic surgeries, fantastic patients and fantastic income, my career left me absolutely no time.

The freedom that I thought came along with the money and prestige of being a successful surgeon simply wasn’t there.

In addition, the ever-increasing hours demanded of my time associated with paperwork and administrative duties, as well as the changing healthcare industry made me realize that things were only going to get worse.


I wanted to continue to help people, but I was tired of missing holiday festivities, family dinners, and really just never having quality time with my family.

I thank God for providing me the hope, courage and vehicle to make a change in my life. Not only have I been able to replace my surgeon’s income, but I am now working around my family life and it is so freeing!

I now travel to our huge family reunions in Illinois every Summer, take off for long weekend getaways with my husband, and enjoy relaxing dinners with my family. There’s just nothing better than finishing up dinner and then plopping down on the couch for popcorn and a movie with the ones you love. In short, I love my business partners and my life!