The Five Things Women Fail to Fight For But Should

The Five Things Women Fail to Fight For But Should

Generously shared with the Moms Making Six Figures community by our guest and financial wing woman, Christine Sarno, on this week’s episode of the Mom’s Making Six Figures Podcast.  Christine is a Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual, who specializes in comprehensive financial planning tailored to the unique goals and needs of each of her clients to both empower them and give them peace of mind about their own future, as well as the futures of their loved ones. 

Your Voice. This is uniquely yours. Own it and use it wisely. Don’t shy away from expressing your ideas, desires, dreams, needs, and expectations. Be confident and share with passion and authenticity. This is not an earned right. This is an innate right. Speak up.

Your Worth. How you’ll be valued by others is based on what you believe you’re worth. Review how others are treating you personally and professionally; they’re a mirror to how you truly feel about yourself. If you don’t like what you see, NOW is the time to shift the mindset and heartset. Don’t waste another second. Pivot for your success.

Your Growth. Invest in yourself. Continue to learn. Read books, attend seminars, or pursue that degree. Surround yourself with people that you know are smarter and more successful. Learn from them and widen the scope of your world. You are in the driver’s seat of your life – drive your evolution.

Your Financial Freedom. Non- negotiableThis is about creating a personal financial platform that allows you to live your life with courage, and not in a state of fear. It’s not just about paying your bills. It’s the freedom to make choices for greater, bigger, and better to drive YOUR vision of the future. It’s the freedom to walk away from a toxic partner, job, or any situation that doesn’t serve you because you’re able to support yourself and don’t need them to survive.

Your Personal Time. You have to recharge. You’re not doing anyone a favor by putting everyone else’s needs first ALL of the time. You’re not a hero when you share that you’re running yourself into the ground. Get your sleep and decompress. Put it on the calendar and commit to it. Your loved ones, your business, and ultimately YOU will not succeed if you don’t carve this out for yourself. You can’t drive a car on an empty tank. Fill ‘er up!

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