North Coast Parent News: October 2013

North Coast Parent News: October 2013



It doesn’t need to be such a rare story to tell. The one where a woman working in the corporate world has a child born with special needs and senses the need to pull back from her career as a civil engineer in order to spend more time being a mom. The story of the mother that starts a business from her home that leads to not only fulfilling her dream of being successful financially, but also the dream of having a career that is flexible enough for her to spend time on what she views as her most important asset, her family.

This story wasn’t only a dream for Brooke Gammie from Huron. She’s lived it and is loving it. Four years ago Brooke and her husband Ben were living in Phoenix, and both were deeply wrapped up in the corporate hustle. All of this changed 2 1/2 years ago when they welcomed their daughter into the world. Payton was born with a hearing loss, and Brooke knew that it was more important for her to stay at home. That’s when Brooke found Moms Making Six Figures, a marketing company based in San Diego, CA, that represents a U.S. based manufacturer and is now over 70 team members strong. “Moms Making Six Figures, is all about health and education. It’s about sharing knowledge and experiences and helping other mothers turn dreams into reality,” says Brooke.

Brooke’s husband was born and raised in northern Ohio on  a family farm (Quarry Hill Orchards- Berlin Heights). They wanted nothing more than to be able to bring their family to Ohio, slow down the clock and run the family farm. Moms Making Six Figures not only provided a way for her to be financially independent, it also afforded her the opportunity to relocate her family to Huron this summer. Brooke has truly traded in the cubicle for a better life, and is eager to share the experience with other moms. With over 5.4 million mothers in the U.S. putting their careers on hold to be “stay at home moms,” it’s important to let others know there is a mother that found a solution.



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